Who Is Precision Decks & Sunrooms?

Low maintenance backyard designs, similar to this design of a deck overlooking a small lake, is why Precision Decks & Sunrooms is a preferred choice in West Michigan.

We are Precision Decks & Sunrooms out of Rockford, MI. We’ve been building decks and designing cool backyards for the last 20 years. I think the thing we do the best is how we handle your low maintenance backyard designs from start to finish. We’re going to design it right, build it right, and we’re great on communication. If you need to change something on the way through, we can stop out that evening and work with you to get it exactly how you want it.

In the decking project (in the video above), we used the existing frame, replaced anything that needed to be taken care of, and then we went to ultra-low maintenance products – cellular PVC. In layman’s terms, the material is super easy to clean.  Nothing absorbs into it (if you drop grease from your grill, for example). The rail is an all-aluminum rail with a powder coat finish. Again, super easy to clean. Hit it with a hose once a year in the spring and you can enjoy your deck without having to worry about maintaining it.

“It was really a good experience,” said the deck owner. “(Owner) Shawn came over and gave me an estimate and stuck with that. They started when they said they would. Which is unusual. And finished when they said they would, which was very nice. Throughout the process, any questions I had, they got right back to me. Altogether, it was a great experience. I highly recommend them.”

The entire backyard is Precision’s passion and specialty. Often, we’ll toss around ideas for the space beyond the initial design. We’ll see how an area can become a great space for a screen room or a sunroom. Going further out in the backyard, there’s often useable space for a patio and a fire pit. Once we put together the whole master plan for everything we might want to achieve long term with your backyard, a lot of our clients will say, “Hey, Shawn, we want to go ahead with the deck this year, build that, and we’ll have you out in another 2 or 3 years to build the patio.”

The master plan makes it so we’re never tearing apart Phase A to do Phase B.

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