A Sunroom for All Seasons

A sunroom addition extending from a woodland house. The sunroom was made by Precision Decks & Sunrooms and features a vaulted cathedral ceiling.

It doesn’t have to be summer for you to enjoy a nice sunroom. With a new sunroom addition from Precision Decks and Sunrooms, you can make use of that space all year round, regardless of the season. No matter what your plans are for that new sunroom, you find that its functionality can bring a lot to your home.

Sunrooms offer a lot more than just another space to enjoy the daylight. There are many uses for a sunroom, and each one is just as unique as the family that uses it. Use it as a cozy space to eat breakfast, turn it into a playroom for your children or grandchildren, create a home gym with the extra space, or turn it into another family room with a big TV and comfortable sofa.

These sunrooms can be used in all seasons because of the materials chosen in the design. A four season sunroom will have insulated glass, and a thermally broken frame, which allows you to heat the area during the winter or to cool it down during the summer

Expanding y0our home’s square footage is another enormous benefit of adding a sunroom. The extra area is a smart investment, which can add value to your home. Because of its versatility, the sunroom can be used for whatever need that you and your family has. 

Precision Decks & Sunrooms Grand Rapids specializes in stick built sunrooms of any size or shape built to match your home design seamlessly. From the simple screen room to the complete four season room, Precision is the perfect fit for your next project. 

We also provide access points for heat and air conditioning, vaulted ceilings, custom lighting, state-of-the-art surround sound theatre systems, and custom laid out windows and skylights to maximize natural light.

For more information on adding a four-season sunroom to your home, call Precision Decks and Sunrooms today at 616-874-2300. As a premier remodeling company, it is our duty to provide the customer with their dream construction.

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