When Should I Use Composite vs Traditional Wood?

We’ll help you find the right balance between material quality, functionality, and overall cost.

Natural Wood vs Composite

How Will Your Deck Feel?

What is better, composite or wood decking? That’s really always the question. With composite, you’re going to get a lot more time out of it, less maintenance, something that’s more ‘foot-friendly’, and more upfront cost, of course. Natural wood carries a little more beauty and warmth, a lower cost, but more long-term maintenance involved. We use wood for large decks to save our customers money, but you can also wood as a medium or higher end option. Cedar, for instance, is ‘prettier’ than pressure treated wood. We can get our hands on Tigerwood, tropical hardwoods, and other natural materials that can’t be replicated by a composite. We’ll present all options and see what catches your eye. From there, we can discuss maintenance and cost to see what makes the most sense for your project.

A deck installer uses an cordless drill to install composite decking.What is better composite or wood decking? For large projects, wood. Samll to medium, all weather areas, composite.

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